Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sara Ganim, CNN, this is for you

1. Congressman Cardenas - show me one quote from Cardenas in this article that so much as mentions the University of North Carolina. You can't. Cause he's being lobbied with big bucks to go after the NCAA, not UNC. Where are the quotes as to exactly what he said?

2. Show me one quote in this article from former Congressman McMillen that so much as mentions the University of North Carolina. You can't. Cause his beef is with the NCAA, and how athletes are treated in general, not with UNC.

3. "The NCAA came to town and punished a few players and left". REALLY?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!

4. "Why did UNC need to create the easy-A classes?" WHAT A CHEAP TAWDRY TRICK. Why dont you ask the witness when he stopped beating his wife while you're at it? This is YOUR WAY of instilling the idea that UNC, the institution, CREATED EASY-A CLASSES, without coming out and saying it. Which, of course, you CAN'T do. Nice work.

5. Emmett Gill? This is your star witness? Wasnt he the same guy that was selling unauthorized trademarked UNC gear for profit on the internet and misrepresenting who the gear belonged to? (Hey, Sara, notice how I did that? I put it in the form of a question. Pretty cool, huh?)

6. "There was talk that the allegations could deliver a devastating blow to the institution, perhaps even going back to its 2005 and 2009 basketball championships." THERE WAS TALK?! What the heck does that mean? Is that journalism? There was talk?

7. "The school instituted more than 180 reforms to make sure paper classes did not continue." You bet your sweetass it did.

8. "McAdoo was one of the players caught up in the scandal.". McAdoo was caught CHEATING.

9. " We can't promise your son that he's going to go to the NFL, but one thing that we can promise him is that he will get a college degree.'They didn't make good on that promise". Guess what? Its difficult. You have to try, you have to study. A degree is promised to NO ONE. Ultimately, education lies with the student.

10. " On his second day of school, athletic advising handed him a schedule and told him what classes he'd be taking". HOLY CRAP, ME TOO ! I was a first semester freshman and they TOLD ME what I could take. Thats the way it works! I wanted to go right into my major, but they wouldnt let me. They told me I had to take remedial English first, and math, and two sciences, and a foreign language, and the history of the world in one semester! And when I was on the verge of flunking out and going to Viet Nam to get killed, my advisor told me about an easy class that I could add in to keep my GPA above the Mendoza line. Thank God.

11. Justice Orr - show me a quote in your article where he talks about an issue with UNC. You cant. Because just like the others mentioned in your article, his beef is with the NCAA, not with UNC.

12. "There are athletes -- including some who played on the 2009 championship basketball team -- who took as many as 12 paper classes". How do you know this? Whats your source? Where is your documentation? Isnt that illegal to access anyone's transcript? Were those classes while they were in school or after they left to pursue careers in basketball? Cause my son was in those classes with the players and he says they were in class EVERY DAY that the team wasnt on the road.

13. "The classes were used for summer classes for students who were playing baseball on the coast. ". Theres a shocker. How can you be in the classroom when you are 3,000 miles away? Thats why the classes are set up as independent studies. They have them at Harvard and Stanford, too.

14. "He (Wainstain) has already spoken to Willingham and Debbie Crowder, Nyang'oro's secretary, and has talked to Crowder about the other people in athletics who were aware of paper classes, according to Crowder's attorney." -- What other people in athletics? If you have information, then put it out there. If you dont have facts, then shut the F up until the facts come out. Whats with the vague hints? And what are you asserting? That someone in athletics knew that there were independent studies classes? Yeah, they probably knew that. Theres nothing wrong with that.

15. Your timing. To be part of a coordinated conspiracy, with a handful of other writers, under the guidance of a PR firm and a team of lawyers doling out cash to support the OBannon case, to be part of a targeted and timed conspiracy, is reprehensible. Yes, you have managed to intermingle the "UNC scandal" story with the larger big picture story against the NCAA that actually has merit for discussion. Great job. You are hurting the very kids that you claim to be helping. And you are being manipulated by others for their own greedy and personal motives. You should be ashamed. I give you an F.

- As posted by 'SaratogaHeel'