Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NCAA Veridict on North Carolina Is In

The NCAA Committee on Infractions standard time line for delivering its final report after a school’s COI hearing is 8-to-12 weeks. The COI hearing for The University of North Carolina occurred in Indianapolis on Oct. 28.

The NCAA and the administration at UNC have been in close contact the last few weeks. While the public response has been "it could be any day now", the results of this report [albeit not the actual paper] are now know by those in the South Building in Chapel Hill.

The penalties self imposed by UNC included probation, loss of victories from 2 seasons, scholarship reductions, and a monetary fine. 

The final report will be delivered either Friday or early next week, but UNC has been informed that the self-imposed penalties have been accepted. Reasons for this acceptance were also given:

* Not a repeat offender
* Complete openness to the investigators during the process
* Rapid response to allegations by suspending players immediately
* Separating from John Blake when questionable activities were discovered
* Active and apparent improvement of compliance procedures

The source of this information also offered this quote from newly hired coach Larry Fedora to Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham: "Bubba, I never doubted you for a second."


  1. Awesome to see Dr. Blog back on call again.

  2. Bullshit. Those cheating bastards are going to burn. I'm hearing no TV or post-season for FIVE YEARS, and 5 additional schollies lost PER YEAR.

  3. @crisco, hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Willbill got to you too eh?

  5. Sure, "Dr. Blog", we believe you... after all, you did write this completely truthful gem back when the investigation was getting underway!

  6. I've got a fever, and the only prescription... is more Blog... Doctor Blog...

  7. @Crisco, there's no better source of bullshit for this given subject than ABC nation.

  8. @Crisco, is that what TOB told you, Bryce Kennedy? LOL, the legendary five-year bowl ban. Let me guess, you believe in dragons too. They're just as real as a five-year bowl ban.

  9. I don't believe UNC gets off with this wrist slap, but i don't believe there's any 5 year bowl ban either. The rumors swirling around seem to all include a 2 year post-season ban. Also been told off-campus recruiting has been curtailed and the monetary fine has been doubled. It appears John Blake has a 3 year show-cause order as well which he is expected to appeal. I was told this by a family member of a current NCSU asst. coach so I'm going to choose to believe it.

  10. Sure ... let's revisit your blog post back in 2010 with some of the "predictions" you gave out when this all began.

    The title of the blog ... NCAA finds no Major Violations at North Carolina. The NCAA managed to find NINE MAJOR VIOLATIONS to put in their NOA to UNC. You meant to type nine instead of no right? If not, you're not off to a good start.

    "No issues were found with coaches or football staff in their dealings with agents as regarding the teams current or former players." John Blake says "Hi!". He may have not been messing with his own players (which would be a surprise), but he was calling players that were at other schools. Suh at Nebraska and Dareus at Alabama come to mind.

    "Greg Little did not have any issues. All travel and expenses were properly accounted for. No further action will occur." Really? Everything was accounted for. So explain to us what happened as to why he never played another down at UNC because of those trips and expenses?

    "Marvin Austin will serve a 1 game suspension because of the agent contact." I think you meant to say a one season (his final season) suspension. UNC didn't even bother to ask the NCAA for reinstatement. Every other player got at least that from UNC.

    If the investigation has gone completely the opposite that you predicted back in 2010, what should make people think that you're going to get the punishment right?

  11. Greg Barnes = Dr. Blog?? Mouthpiece for UNC-CHeats athletics department? Never right when it comes to reporting on UNC-Cheat? Spinning, Spinning, Spinning? Lol. Now, 5 years won't happen to anyone. I am sure Crisco is being facetious. If you put his prediction and Dr. Blog's together, you will probably be close to the right answer. 3-4 schollies a year for 4 years, 2 year bowl bar, 4 years probation and forfeit of the wins they already self-imposed. (Though technically, the self-imposed are still proposals, they have not carried through with them yet. More spin right there.) Probably some additional restrictions on recruiting visits and an additional monetary penalty.

  12. lol at all the UNC obsessed wuffies.

  13. I think the wuffies will be laughing when the punishment comes down because so many Heels fans believe that what the school self-imposed is the only thing they're going to get.

  14. ^No, Pack fans are the ones laughing

    Hammer about to drop hard on UNC foosball

    5 wins in a row over the smurf warriors, 7 out of the last 10, and probably another 5 in a row over a decimated UNC-Cheat football program

    But smug arrogant Turdhole fans "don't care" about that, right??...because little ol poor NC State "is not your rival"


    hey, at least you can still brag about your totally meaningless "30 game lead" in head-to-head...which was the result of domination over an NC State INTRAMURAL football "program" (while UNC had scholarship football most of that period) in the days of leather helmets without facemasks...but since the ACC formed in 1953, the series is basically even

  15. Lol! An agent on staff,academic fraud,improper benefits and you think the self-imposed wrist-slap is the end of it?

  16. Dr. Blog, thank you for your fine work here. ;)

    Let's all not forget that UNC-Cheat fans were telling us from the beginning that all this would amount to "nothing", and was just ABCers and Wolfpack fans "stirring up trouble."

    The UNC football staff has been telling recruits all during this time that the penalties will be "next to nothing". IIRC, the Honor Court and BOG at UNC were involved in covering up the academic fraud.

    The whole culture at UNC-Cheat is rotten to the core. It is arrogance to the EXTREME. Their students and fanbase are fed the kool-aid that UNC-CH is the "bestest at EVERYTHING" in the entire world..."best academics, best athletics, prettiest campus, God is a heel fan because the sky is smurf blue, crappel hill is the southern part of heaven, etc". And this breeds their belief that UNC-CH has the "god-given right" to be better than everyone, even if they have to lie, cheat, and steal to do it.

    And to think they have all their UNC grad homers in the media...and they STILL couldn't cover this one up. I guess the internet is a game changer.

    If there is any justice, UNC-CH should be absolutely devastated by the NCAA on this scandal. This is the biggest cheating scandal in probably the last 40-50 years of college athletics. And they should take a long, hard look at the UNC basketball program too.

    1. It's not that UNC thinks they are better than anyone at anything. That's not true. They just know they are better than NC State

  17. NCSU players sold $90K worth of comp tickets in the early 80's.

    Biggest cheating scandal? Not by a long shot.

  18. SMU players got direct payments from the Board of Trusties after they were on probation for the 7th time. That ended in the 80's as well.

    Hyperbole you have a handle on, history you do not.

  19. Haven't seen a wuffie deny the UNC obession. Just the same old mindless rants.

  20. Everett Case, the father of Wolfpack basketball, was the father of cheating in the ACC, having personally arranged for a recruit's girlfriend to have her medical school tuition paid for by an NCSU booster. Just as that probation period was ending, they were punished again, this time for point shaving. In addition, for all the talking State fans do about how people at Carolina are "gay," they seem to put out of sight and out of mind the fact that the aforementioned father of Wolfpack basketball was, in fact, actually gay.

    Arrogance? Maybe. Fortunately for us, though, that's not an NCAA violation. Keep crying all the way back to the bottom of the ACC. Sucks to perennially play second fiddle within the state of North Carolina. It's even more depressing that once you factor in the rest of the conference, second fiddle would look like an oasis; you're dead last -- twelfth chair in the orchestra -- in terms of desirable schools for students, academic prestige, hardcourt success, and just about everything in between, with the exception of football. Y'all might as well throw in the towel. Fold up and transfer to Charlotte or Wilmington. Either that, or join the CUSA. Schools like NC State have a place, but it's not among real schools in the ACC.

  21. I see Otis the backstabbing SOB has made his way to yet ANOTHER UNC topic. Sad little man.

  22. I actually went to State and am disappointed in the way our fans act. I witnessed academic abuses and only hope it has changed. I am sure something happened in CH, but I will only get off by beating them on a level playing field and not hoping for the Crappy NCAA to help us out. As for our Football coach. recruit better and smile once in a while.

  23. That GT loss last night stung the wolfpack badly. They were "BACK!" until that. I'm a Clemson grad and the way NCSU and UNC fans go back and forth is similar to a slap fight. I must so though, NCSU has embarrassed themselves the last two years, no wonder the media attacks them any chance they can. State fans act like a bunch of frothing at the mouth jackals in regards to UNC, it's creepy.

  24. Hey wuffies, we should really drop you from the ACC since you've been a disgrace in most sports. You're the only school besides Clemson to actually get a death penalty. Oh yeah, and by the way - everyone that went to UNC also got into State, not the other way around. Enjoy working your middle-management job. We'll be happy to run the company and root for a school with national recognition in every aspect.

  25. Carolina fan here, but neither State nor Clemson have ever gotten the death penalty...not sure where you're trying to go with this?

  26. So let's review the best smack UNC fans can measure againt NC State...

    1. "NC State is sorry in athletics, academics, and EVERYTHING except football..NCSU should be dropped from the conference, NC State should bulldoze their campus and close down the university.... blah, blah"
    2. "NCSU fans are inbred rednecks, g**t-F&&c#ers, drive their tractors to the game, MooU, etc"

    I guess that's about it...

    NOW let's get past Hole arrogance & lies and talk about REALITY.

    1. FACT: NCSU grads have higher salaries on average than UNC-Cheat grads.

    While NC State produces graduates in fields of beneficial use to society such as engineering and, yes, the agricultural field, the UNC-Cheat paper mill (with rampant grade inflation) produces grads with a multitude of useless liberal-arts degrees and a boat load of sycophantic professional liars known as "journalists."

    2. While NC State may not excel in all athletic programs to the level of many others in the ACC at this time, NC State certainly has a very proud athletic tradition, and better than many other ACC members.

    3. NC State fans are passionate about their school, yes. But they are no more "redneck" as a fanbase than UNC fans...probably less considering the vast number of "Walmart" trailer-park UNC fans who have never set foot on the UNC-CH campus.

    You cannot legitimately fault NC State fans for being passionate or having degrees in the agriculture field. What IS disgraceful and reprehensible is EXTREME attitude of supposed "superiority" that leads a fanbase to (falsely) think they are "better" than others in EVERYTHING and that they are "entitled" to be better. And UNC fans are the classic example of this. They have an extreme superiority complex. They literally believe they have the "god-given right" to be better than NC State. And if they have to cheat or lie in order to attempt to do that, that's "ok" in their book. Look at how the UNC athletic department and BOG tried to cover-up the academic fraud with the football players (eg, the plagiarized paper(s))

    But karma is a bitch, and truth prevails in the end. All your lies and cheating are about to come home to roost. The "Carolina Way" and UNC academic "superiority" are exposed as a joke. UNC-CH is nothing more than a useless liberal arts school over-hyped by the many UNC grads infesting the media.

    Enjoy the NCAA hammer and probation arrogant Turd Hole fans.

  27. quote:

    "I actually went to State and am disappointed in the way our fans act. I witnessed academic abuses and only hope it has changed. I am sure something happened in CH, but I will only get off by beating them on a level playing field and not hoping for the Crappy NCAA to help us out. As for our Football coach. recruit better and smile once in a while."

    LMAO. You really think anyone is fooled by this? You are obviously no NCSU grad or fan, and are a Hole fan masquerading as a NC State fan. Same tactics as your cesspool of a school and athletic program...lies & deception.

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